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Nordtest porpoises analytical and measuring instrument for plants and laboratory aimed to provide complete solutions for project management, installation, training and technical support. The 30 years experience in the analytical laboratory instrument, in automation of analysis and the strong collaboration with international priors can ensure state of the art and innovative solution with high reliability. Since the inception Nordtest is focused in providing innovative solution, qualified support and a continuous improvement process in order to fulfill customer expectations.

Life Science

Solution for manipulation and sterility test, standard and personalized isolators.
Sterile transfer systems RTP Rapid Transfer Port, reusable container and disposable.
Biodecontamination systems and passbox.


Solutions for laboratory automation in chemical QC lab and environmental laboratory. Innovative analytical instrument for research and academic.
The instrument we provide are always aimed to increase reliability of the analytical process.

On Line

On Line and at line instruments for process control in industry and continuous environmental monitoring.
Pollution monitoring. Slurry density meter with non nuclear techniques.


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