The best perfoming ED XRF analyzer in the Rigaku product range.

Fast and precise on very complex matrixes.

NEX CG II+ is based on Rigaku’s NEX CG II instrument.

It offers users all the same features and options, including the advantages of using Cartesian Geometry and secondary targets for trace-level sensitivity.

The key difference between the models is that NEX CG II+ features a 65 kV 100 W X-ray tube, giving users a higher-powered system for more demanding applications that require increased sensitivity.

As a result, the added power makes NEX CG II+ well-suited for trace element analysis for pharmaceutical materials, catalysts, cosmetics, monitoring for toxic metals in aerosols on air filters, as well as analyzing trace heavy metals and rare earth elements (REE), and other applications requiring a high degree of sensitivity.

This new NEX CG II+ offering is Rigaku's most powerful indirect excitation EDXRF system yet.

It reinvents XRF with its high-power 65 kV 100 W X-ray tube, five secondary targets covering the complete elemental range sodium through uranium, and a large-area, high-throughput silicon drift detector (SDD).

Like the NEX CG II model, NEX CG II+ features a unique close-coupled Cartesian Geometry optical kernel.

This 3D configuration, combined with its high voltage and power, eliminates background noise and delivers high count rates, which allows for more signal in the detector.

This powerful, unprecedented combination results in exceptionally low detection limits and excellent spectral resolution for trace peaks in applications requiring superior sensitivity.

Using user-friendly software, setting measurement conditions and analysis operations is intuitive and available in multiple languages.

Users can maximize their time and productivity with simplified routine operations and create their own methods using a simple flow bar wizard.

Rigaku’s advanced RPF-SQX Fundamental Parameters software, featuring Rigaku Profile Fitting technology and Scattering FP, enables semi-quantitative analysis of almost all sample types without standards and rigorous quantitative analysis with standards.

NEX CG II Series


Rigaku ART

Rigaku offre una vastissima gamma di prodotti dedicati all’analisi XRF. La fluorescenza a raggi X a dispersione di energia (EDXRF) è una tecnica analitica utilizzata di routine per la determinazione quantitativa degli elementi chimici   in un'ampia varietà di tipi di campioni.Il cuore della sua versatilità deriva dalla capacità di fornire analisi rapide, non distruttive e multi-elemento – da bassi livelli (parti per milione ppm) a concentrazioni percentuali in peso elevate (% in peso) per gli elementi dal sodio (11Na) all'uranio (92U).