DVS Endeavour


A key feature of DVS Endeavour is the ability to precisely control and measure temperature and relative humidity while simultaneously recording the highest resolution changes in mass on up to 5 samples.

Additionally Organic vapor partial pressures can now be directly measured using Surface Measurement Systems’ Speed of Sound sensor (patented).

In a typical experiment a known concentration of water vapor or organic vapor is delivered over a sample placed inside the sample pan. The sample pan is connected to the Surface Measurement Systems Ultrabalance measuring real-time mass changes caused by sorption or desorption of water and/or organic molecules.

Key measuring capabilities:

  • Real-time simultaneous parallel mass measurements and sorption kinetics for up to 5 samples
  • Individual sample chamber isolation preventing crossover contamination
  • Sample masses from 1 mg to 5000 mg
  • Water and organic vapor sorption kinetics and control using patented Speed of Sound vapor sensor measurement technology
  • Multiple sorption/desorption, temperature and sample drying or activation cycles.

Key hardware benefits:

  • 5 individual balances operating in parallel
  • Open stainless steel stand design allows easy access to sample pans while minimizing static electric charging
  • Patented Speed of Sound vapor sensor measurement technology
  • Broad temperature range (10-70⁰C) from a single uniform and accurate temperature enclosure
  • Next generation control and analysis software for the most advanced experimental design and data evaluation



Surface Measurement Systems