DVS Carbon


The latest addition to the DVS family, the DVS Carbon is the first purpose-built gravimetric sorption analyzer for advanced carbon capture conditions.2.

In most gas phase carbon capture applications, CO2 often competes with other chemical species at adsorbent sites, especially water vapor. The new DVS Carbon enables the measurement of CO2 uptake in real life conditions, controlling both temperature and humidity at a broad range of CO2 concentrations.

With the patented Surface Measurement Systems Ultrabalance measuring real-time mass changes caused by sorption and desorption in the sample, complex carbon capture conditions can be assessed in a range of materials. In addition, the system can be configured to enable a range of different capabilities.

Key features

Independent multicomponent control

  • Concentration of CO2 and H2O can be individually controlled
  • Cycling or complex sorption programs are easily created
  • Concentration and temperature changed in precise steps or ramps

    Isotherms of CO2 and H2O

    • Isotherms of CO2 and H2O in realistic conditions
    • Kinetics for each step available by default

    ln-situ activation and regeneration

    • Sample can be locally heated up to 300⁰ C under inert or process gas
    • Drying, activation, or regeneration kinetics determined directly


    Surface Measurement Systems


    DVS Carbon


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