DVS Vacuum


The DVS Vacuum is designed for single and multicomponent vapor/gas sorption analysis, supporting static and dynamic experiments. The system’s key features are precise control and measure of temperature and pressure while recording the changes in sample mass using high-resolution UltraBalance.

DVS Vacuum uses vacuum produced by a combination of roughing and turbomolecular pumps for its operation – in-situ outgassing of sample up to 400 °C and water or organic vapors generation at the set temperature. The vacuum chamber including sample, pressure transducers, vapor/gas delivery system, and solvent flasks are at thermal equilibrium in a single temperature enclosure allowing smooth operation over the entire temperature range (20-70 °C) without risk of condensation. The system introduces partial pressures of water or organic solvent under vacuum to minimize their impact on the structure of a material. The analyzer measures true water or organic vapor sorption isotherms without unnecessary interference from a carrier gas. In addition, it allows us to study the drying kinetics of pharmaceutical powders.

Key Measurement Capabilities:

  • Adsorption and desorption under dynamic/static, isothermal, or isobaric conditions
  • Competitive adsorption of two probe molecules (i.e. CO2-H2O, Toluene-H2O, MeOH- H2O)
  • Perform multi-component experiments using vapor and/or gas sorbate molecules
  • In-situ sample degassing up to 400⁰C and high vacuum (2X10-6 Torr)
  • Multiple adsorption/desorption and sample regeneration cycles
  • Adsorption measurements at relative pressures as low as 0.005 Torr
  • Real-time sorption kinetics and thermodynamics
  • Sample masses from 1 mg to 5000 mg



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DVS Vacuum


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