STELEC PAA – Peracetic acid sterilizer


- Overall dimensions: L 440 mm x W 280 mm x H 60 mm
- Weight: 25 kg
- Stainless steel 304 L housing
- 3’’ touch screen
- USB port
- Manual setting of the sterilized volume and the rinsing time
- Visual control of the decontamination agent volume as well as the residual volume
- Evaporation temperature control by PLC
- Control of compressed airflow
- Pressure of the clean and dry compressed air network: 3.5 to 6 bar
- Recommended pressure and compressed air flow: 50 to 70L/mn at 1 bar
- Decontamination temperature: ambient +/- 1°C
- Single Phase Power supply 220V/50Hz 16A.

Sterilization or bio-decontamination is a validated process used to ensure that the environment of an isolator or any other closed system is viably exempt from microorganisms, by using an anti-microbial gas. The product used is Peracetic acid (PAA), with a concentration of 4,5%. Surface sterilization or bio-decontamination is considered as completed after a reduction of 6 Log Bacillus Atropheus strain (ATCC9372).
There are 4 phases in the sterilization cycle:
- Programming phase (settings)
- Conditioning and filling phase
- Decontamination phase
- Ventilation phase.

Operating mode

The stage of sterilization or bio-decontamination can be done only once the conditions filled and controlled by the user.
Measure manually and visually the quantity required according to your procedure, fill the sterilizer, check the bio-decontamination procedures of your isolator(s) and other closed system:
- programming of bio-decontamination time
- rinsing time
- conditioning phase and start of biodecontamination cycle
- ventilation phase of the volumes regarding the programmed cycle
– Verifica del consumo di APA mediante bilancia (opzionale) – Risultato del ciclo: conforme/non conforme



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