UltraVIS® Solventless, High-speed Viscometer


The CANNON UltraVIS is a fully automated, high speed, solvent-free viscometer for rapid kinematic viscosity measurement of transparent and opaque liquids with ASTM D445 precision capability.

A 192-position sample handler (two 96-position trays) allows unattended processing of up to 30 samples per hour.

The fast-run tube covers a10-fold viscosity range at values between 5 mm2/s (cSt) and 50 mm2/s (cSt) at 100 °C.

The UltraVIS is optimized for condition monitoring of used oils.

Common Applications:

In-service oil viscosity

Used oil analysis

Fleet maintenance


Condition monitoring

Cannon Instrument Company delivers value to their customers by providing the highest quality instruments, services, and certified reference materials for the characterization of viscosity, rheology and other physical properties Cannon Instrument Company has earned international acclaim for the quality of its viscosity-related products and services since its founding in 1938 by scientist, inventor, and educator Dr. Michael R. Cannon.  The company's longstanding emphasis on production of premier-quality test equipment has kept CANNON at the cutting-edge of research and development. nella ricerca e sviluppo.


UltraVIS® Solventless, High-speed Viscometer


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