High Temperature Surface Energy Analysis

The new iGC-SEA NOVA system is a cutting-edge analytical instrument, based on the principle of inverse gas chromatography and specifically designed for the analysis of surface energy and material properties; iGC-SEA NOVA iGC-SEA Nova combines all the unique capabilities of the original iGC-SEA instrument with a powerful new high-temperature sample oven.

Already equipped with a unique SMS injection system providing a wide range of injection concentrations with unrivaled accuracy and reproducibility, the high-temperature oven enables the iGC-SEA Nova to analyze surface energy and material properties under extreme temperatures, opening up a range of possibilities for advanced materials development in new and exciting industrial applications.

Key Benefits:

  • • Unique high-temperature oven enabling 10C – 500C
  • Fully automated operation
  • Up to 12 different probe gas molecules
  • In-situ preconditioning and surface energy analysis within a single instrument
  • Patented head space injection system with humidity generator
  • User-friendly control & analysis software with CFR 21 Part 11 capabilities




Surface Measurement Systems




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