Biochemical Oxygen Demand (BOD) Automation


BOD analysis is one of the most common applications for water laboratories.

Nordtest provides analyzers able to carry out the analysis in accordance with all international regulations such as EPA 405.1, ISO 5815-1, EN-1899-1, 2, Standard Methods 5210 B, DIN 38409 etc. as well as customer specific methods.
The basic system consists of a XYZ sample handling system, a bottle rack for bottles, an oxygen probe + meter, (accommodates optical or membrane style electrodes,) a manipulator, XYZ moving mechanism, rinsing station and a stirrer.
Many other optional features are available to automate other steps of the measuring process:
- automatic decapping and capping
- automatic sample pipetting
- bottle filling to volume
- ATU/Seed addition
- automatic pH adjustment
- sample homogenization
- automatic BOD sample calculation

The control software enables the control and setup of the analytical sequence, the data save and track, the result calculation and easy LIMS integration.

Seal MiniLab BOD


SEAL Analytical

SEAL Analytical, a Porvair company brand, is a world leader in the design, development, and manufacture of automated Discrete Analyzers, Continuous Segmented Flow Analyzers and Sample Preparation equipment specifically for use in environmental applications. SEAL analyzers are widely acknowledged as the best-in-class and instrument of choice for monitoring nutrients in water & wastewater, seawater, soils & plant materials, as well as the quality control of industrial products, fertilizers and tobacco.


Seal Minilab BOD


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