Nordtest is glad to announce the agreement with Gasporox for the distribution on the Italian Market.

Gasporox offers optical spectroscopy systems. The Headspace Gas Analysis technology can be used for Container Closure Integrity Testing (CCIT), leak testing and residual oxygen inspection in several packaging formats (bottles, vials, IV bags...). The gas is analyzed by sending low-power laser light through the container, probing the gas content without any preparation or change of the sample.

Since 2005 Gasporox has developed and commercialized the tuneable diode laser absorption spectroscopy technology for a number of applications in food, beverage and pharma. The Gasporox laser based sensors can be integrated into inspection- and/or production lines for 100% fast, reliable and accurate gas measurements of the gas content inside the packages or for leak testing of the packages. At Gasporox we produce sensors for O2, CO2, H2O and the combined O2+H2O. The Gasporox technology makes it possible for food, beverage and pharma producers to ensure 100% quality testing and as the laser sensors are both non-intrusive and non-invasive no package nor its valuable content will be destroyed.