EcoSpec IR Analyzer



EcoSpec (Quantared patent) has been developed for quantitative measurement of oil and grease in waste and produced water, as well as soil.

Measurement by extraction, NO USE of CFC, it conforms to ASTM D7678.

Oil and grease can be measured quickly down to well below 1 PPM.

Based on IR QCL (Quantum Cascade Laser) spectroscopy, offers broad measuring range (0-2000 mg/L) and high precision (Dev Std 0.05 mg/L below 10 mg/L).

In addition, it allows differentiation of total hydrocarbons from total oil and grease.

Portable, it can be equipped with a 10 position autosampler.


Quantared technologies

Established 2008 in Vienna as hi tech development Company, has invented and covered with patents, IR spectrometers based on Quantum cascade laser, offering a terrible advantage of precision and s/n ratio. Initially manufacturing as OEM supplier, it is now going direct to end users with the products.