ISR Flip – Interfacial Shear Rheometer


Biolin Scientific just presented ISR Flip from KSV NIMA - the most sensitive interfacial shear rheometer yet. ISR Flip is a versatile tool to analyze surfactants and their influence on foam and emulsion stability. The instrument expands the understanding of interfacial layers, which can be useful in applications such as food, cosmetics, and pharmaceuticals.

Highly sensitive measurements
Detect even the smallest interfacial forces and expand the research beyond what is possible with other interfacial rheometers.

Combine with Langmuir troughs
Run experiments with controlled packing density by combining ISR Flip with KSV NIMA troughs.

Study several systems with the same instrument
Double camera positions and trough combinations make the instrument versatile and ready for possible future needs.

ISR Flip Interfacial Shear Rheometer


KSV Nima

Biolin Scientific is a worldwide company making state of the art instruments and smart solutions for scientists. Our customers are the experts in surface science, and we have the tools for them to progress. The Biolin Scientific portfolio consists of the following brands:Attension, KSV NIMA, QSense. KSV NIMA provides instruments and measurement solutions for the fabrication and characterization of advanced organized thin films with controlled packing density. The most common applications include for example depositing highly controlled nanoparticle coatings and studying biological lipid membranes. Le applicazioni più comuni includono, ad esempio, il deposito di rivestimenti di nanoparticelle altamente controllate e lo studio delle membrane lipidiche biologiche.


ISR Flip


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