Contact angle Theta Flow


High-level Contact Angle Meter, ideal for advanced research or QC purpose. Fully automated and user friendly, it offers wide choice of accessories and measurement modes.

Ultra-high resolution camera, image optimisation DropletPlus, measurement conditions fully controlled, to obtain high accuracy data.

Continuous Autofocus and surface mapping functions.

At any time, status and parameters can be easily monitored and decided via touch display.

Theta Flow can measure, using different techniques:

  • Angolo di contatto statico
  • Angolo di contatto dinamico
  • Energia libera superficiale SFE
  • Tensione superficiale ed interfacciale
  • Reologia dilatazionale all’interfaccia
  • Rugosità e angolo di contatto corretto

Attension Theta Flow



Biolin Scientific is a worldwide company making state of the art instruments and smart solutions for scientists. Our customers are the experts in surface science, and we have the tools for them to progress.The Biolin Scientific portfolio consists of the following brands: Attension, KSV NIMA, QSense.Attension® offers leading contact angle and surface tension solutions for industrial quality control and R&D as well as for academic research. The core of Attension solutions is a combination of easy-to-use, smart instrumentation with broad surface science capabilities.