QuAAtro continuous Flow Analyzer


QuAAtro39 Segmented Flow Analyzer

QuAAtro39 is the world's most automated, compact, Continuous Segmented Flow Analyzer. With micro or macro flow hydraulics, heated manifolds, high resolution detectors and advanced software this high performance microflow chemistry analyzer is ideal for the detection of ultra-low nutrients in water, wastewater, seawater, soil, plant extracts, tobacco and wine.

- Generate more than 500 tests per hour
Ultra-low detection limits
- High reproducibility
- Increases productivity by 33% over its predecessor
- Micro or macroflow hydraulics enable high sample rates (internal diameter of glassware is 1 or 2mm)
- Low sample consumption
- Low reagent consumption
- One-click start up
- Automatic performance checks, before, during and after a run
- Automatic monitoring of noise, drift, bubble pattern and light energy
- Automatic and complete shutdown with automatic pump platen release (option)
- 5+ simultaneous chemistries from one console
- Also available as a 5 channel seawater analyzer
- High-resolution digital photometer provides higher sensitivity
- LED light source
- Integrated enclosed manifold and detector (heated to 37 + degrees C)
- Optimal bubble frequency programmed by silent air valves.
- Reliable unattended operation & overnight running
- Multitest manifolds for different nutrients with no hardware changes
- Glass components for easy cleaning & easy visual checks
- Uses Continuous Segmented Flow Analyzer principles to reduce inter-sample dispersion
- Compact and flexible chemistry analyzer
- Easy to transport

QuAAtro Methods SEAL Analytical has more than 1,000 documented Continuous Flow Analyzer methods, with new applications regularly being developed in our laboratories. USEPA, ASTM, ISO, AOAC, DIN and other international regulatory compliant methods available.
The QuAAtro39 AutoAnalyzer is the very latest generation of the original world-class Technicon Continuous Segmented Flow Analyzer (SFA). QuAAtro39 AutoAnalyzer is now even more flexible and with 33% more capacity over its predecessor, further improving laboratory efficiency. A basic Continuous Segmented Flow Analyzer consists of an AutoSampler, a peristaltic pump, a chemistry manifold, a detector and data acquisition software.
Samples and reagents are pumped continuously through the chemistry manifold. Air bubbles are introduced at regular intervals forming unique reaction segments, which are mixed using glass coils. Glass is ideal, as it is inert, stays clean and enables easy visual checks.
In Continuous Segmented Flow Analyzers reactions run to completion, and the ratio of sample to reagents in the detector reaches a constant maximum value. This results in ultra-low detection limits and exceptional reproducibility. Variations in reaction time, temperature, and sample matrix do not affect the results as they do in other colorimetric techniques, such as Flow Injection Analysis, where the reaction is not brought to completion.
Il vetro di cui è composto il circuito del modulo è il materiale ideale per questo tipo di applicazioni essendo inerte, di facile pulizia e di facile ispezione.


SEAL Analytical

SEAL Analytical, un marchio dell’azienda Porvair, è leader mondiale nella progettazione, sviluppo e produzione di analizzatori discreti i, analizzatori di flusso segmentato e sistemi di automazione per la preparazione dei campioni specifici per l’uso in applicazioni ambientali. Gli analizzatori SEAL sono ampiamente riconosciuti come i migliori della categoria  per il monitoraggio dei nutrienti in acqua e acque reflue, acqua di mare, suolo e materiali vegetali, nonché per il controllo di qualità di prodotti industriali, fertilizzanti e tabacco.