Certified reference materials


For the appropriate use and reliability of analytical techniques, it is essential the use of suitable reference materials whose value is certified by third parties and used to confirm the validity of the analytical result. Nordtest offers a wide range of certified reference materials either from institutional bodies such as NIST, IRMM, LGC etc.., or from private producers with traceability.

Petroleum products and chemicals
- Physical properties (flash point, cloud, pour and freezing point, distillation, etc.).
- Capillary or rotational viscosity (Cannon Instruments)
- Concentration of Sulphur for XRF, ICP, UV Fluorescence
- Concentration of Ni, V, Pb, wear metals, additives in lubricants.
- Carbon
- Marine sediment
- Water standard
- ICP/AA Standard
- Food and beverages

Some examples:

EN 116 Cold Filter Plugging Point CFPP
IP 170 ABEL Flash Point
IP 383 Cold Crancking Simulator CCS
Reference material for MCRT
ASTM D56 TAG FP Reference material
ASTM D(& Atmospheric distillation
ASTM D92 FP Cleveland Open Cup
ASTM D93 Pensky-Martens Flash Point
ASTM D97 Pour Point
ASTM D189 Carbon residue
ASTM D323 Reid Vapour pressure
ASTM D445 Viscosity
ASTM D1015 Freezing point
ASTM D1298 Density standard
ASTM D2500 Cloud point
ASTM D2983 Low temperature Brookfield Viscosity
ASTM D3237 Lead in gasoline
ASTM D3829 Oil Pumpability
ASTM D4052 Density
ASTM D4628 Metals in lubricants
ASTM D4629 Nitrogen
ASTM D4927 Metals and additives in lubricants with WD-XRF
ASTM D4929 Chlorine in oil
ASTM D4951 Metals and additives in lubricants with ICP
ASTM D5056 Metals in oil
ASTM D5059 Lead in gasoline XRF
ASTM D5600 ICP trace metals
ASTM D5622 Ossigenati con Pirolisi Riduttiva
ASTM D5623 Composti Solforati con Detector specifici Zolfo
ASTM D5708 Metalli in Tracce con ICP
ASTM D5762 Azoto con Chemiluminescenza
ASTM D5863 Metalli in tracce con AA
ASTM D6277 Benzene in combustibili motori ad accensione comandata


Cannon Instrument Company

Cannon Instrument Company delivers value to their customers by providing the highest quality instruments, services, and certified reference materials for the characterization of viscosity, rheology and other physical properties Cannon Instrument Company has earned international acclaim for the quality of its viscosity-related products and services since its founding in 1938 by scientist, inventor, and educator Dr. Michael R. Cannon.  The company's longstanding emphasis on production of premier-quality test equipment has kept CANNON at the cutting-edge of research and development. nella ricerca e sviluppo.