Oil in water ROW Aluminium


ROW (Remote Optical Watcher) is an autonomous non-contact sensor for measuring hydrocarbons in water.
ROW sensors have been specifically projected for real-time monitoring of oil leaks and spills in industrial and civil sites.
Row-Aluminium model O-2311 is the version made in Aluminium.

A real time response together with 24/7 operation, makes this sensor the most suitable tool to protect, for example: water collection points used for potable purification or to monitor process water download, after industrial processing, returning them to public water or monitor channels or small basins, thanks to the certified IP 68 construction and the ability to operate remotely using solar panels or accumulators and wireless telemetry.
All this thanks to a robust and hermetic design that allows installation in very isolated points, a life of over 5 years of the LED source and a very low power consumption (<2W).
The "non-contact" positioning makes installation very simple and prevents fouling of the optics, practically zeroing maintenance.

ROW can be connected to a data acquisition system using the most common connection protocols, such as: RS 485 Modbus, 4-20 mA via PLC (SCADA) or simply I/O alarm relay.


Laser Diagnostic Instrument

LDI manufactures sensors for real-time monitoring of hydrocarbons in water for applications both in industrial application and in the treatment of civil waters.

The company is located in Tallin in Estonia and offers a tested and continuously updated products thanks to the many installations worldwide.




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