FameSpec is the new unique compact analyzer for rapid measurement of FAME content in Jet Fuel.

The extended use of biodiesel increases the risk of contamination of jet fuel by FAME. If in excess of 50 ppm, this can compromise thermal stability and cause sooting.

FameSpec principle is IR QCL (Quantum Cascade Laser) spectroscopy.

Completely automated and portable, FameSpec can be equipped with 10 places autosampler and provides accurate results in less than 30 minutes.

Conform to ASTM D8290, offers unrivalled precision (0.8 mg/kg at 5mg/kg) in broad range (10-400 mg/kg).

Conforme ad ASTM D8290, assicura elevata precisione (0,8 mg/kg a 5mg/kg) in un ampio range (10-400 mg/kg).


Quantared technologies

Established 2008 in Vienna as hi tech development Company, has invented and covered with patents, IR spectrometers based on Quantum cascade laser, offering a terrible advantage of precision and s/n ratio.

Initially manufacturing as OEM supplier, it is now going direct to end users with the products.