Nordtest provides directly the technical support for the systems provided.

The technical staff, active on the whole Italian territory and managed from the headquarter in Serravalle Scrivia, over the years has acquired very specific skills in installations and training of new instruments, maintenance, repair and validation.

Maintenance: the preventative maintenance ensure that instruments keeps the reliability over the time.

Safety: the general wear caused by age and use can diminish the safety, a correct and qualified maintenance is focused on reducing and highlighting potential safety failures.

Traceable quality: our team is constantly trained, updated and prepared in specific training courses held by the manufacturer in order to ensure that repair and maintenance are carried out in the best way. A quality management system, continuously updated, grant a traceability of all the activities carried out.

Continuous support: not only on the field, in our labs, online and remote support. The technical staff is available for remote support.

Our service engineers are equipped with NIST or equivalent certified instrument used to perform field calibration.

Some of the available services:

  • Validation for pharmaceutical, Installation Qualification (IQ), Operation Qualification (OQ) and Performance Qualification (PQ).
  • Calibration and verification service.
  • Maintenance contracts can include preventative maintenance and repairs

Maintenance and calibration

Nordtest can offer the best suited service contracts.

Validation GxP IQ – OQ – PQ

Validation for pharmaceutical for isolation and sterile technologies.

Method development

Nordtest provides method development for the provided instrument.

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